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crank no start


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August 25, 2015
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2001 explorer sport
hi I have a 2001 explorer sport with a crank no start problem. it has been sitting for some time now but ran when I parked it. I am not getting any fuel to the Schrader valve. I checked and have power to the fuel pump relay but no ground not even at first cycle of key. there is no theft light flashing as it proves out like it should I am still wondering if it is possible that I am still dealing with a bad key?

Attach your fuel pump to the fuel rail, use a fused jumper wire so jump the relay for no more than a second or two. if the pump runs you know that's not the problem.

I'm pretty sure the coil of the fuel pump relay grounds to the PCM.

If your PATS system was an issue your truck wouldn't even crank. So it's not a key issue. If you don't have a ground at the fuel pump that's your issue obviously. Figure out where your ground is being lost and the truck should start.