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Crank windows to Power?


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October 30, 2004
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96 Eddie Bauer V8
Are the power window doors interchangable with crank windows? I got a parts explorer with Power window doors. And I was trying to see if the explorer was *prewired* for power windows.
So the question is... can I just change the doors like a plug an play deal.. If not what will need to be done?

thanks all:salute:

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I want to say no. I would buy a universal kit from E-bay or That was what I did in my Civic. It was awesome.

I have done this swap before....from Manual Windows to Power Windows...I had both Explorers in my driveway, it was a weekend long deal. Working from morning to night. Mechanicals alone took 1 whole day...(but I ALSO had to swap my Manuals into the other X to make it 100% streetable/secureable again).

And the wiring took up the rest of the time. This is a VERY intense re-wire it is not just the power windows that you are re-wiring. In the same loom that runs the power windows, you also have the wires for the power locks and power mirrors, plus all the wires that go to the rear for the brakes, turn signals, wipermotor, emergency flashers, and not to mention the NUMEROUS grounds that complete all those circuits....

This is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. I have built many cars and trucks, but this is not something that I would want to do again...

It's easier to just buy one with power windows.


edit: I found the thread from when I did this just over 2 years ago

You should ALSO read this thread that I posted this last summer:

Why not just swap the doors. It is not hard to paint the doors.

The HARD work isn't in the doors....that is actually the easiest part.

The hard part is the wiring. It looks like spaghetti when you are doing it...

Swapping just the doors just adds a few more hours work...and to do it 'right' you would shoot the doors while you had them off the X, making the swap take THAT MUCH more time..


Ryan, so the body harnesses had no window wires in them? Other than the main power and ground wire to tap into, the other body window wires could be added separately, not an easy task of course. I added the six extra window wires from my extra harness into my wrecked Limited harness, which gives me dual controls.

It's no fun for the impatient or those who don't like doing wiring. Good luck,


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The window wires are mixed in the body harness that goes down the drivers side. If you were to 'unplug' the whole harness, you would be un plugging all 4 doors, the rear hatch, the rear brake lights and the amplifier.


Ryan, I meant did the manual window truck have no window wires in its harness?