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cranking problems

spencer morris

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November 13, 2011
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94 explorer limited
wat up everybody i have a 94 explorer and i seem to have a problem with it cranking. sometimes in the morning i have to turn the key 3 or 4 time for it to start and when you drive for a min it doesen't want to crank back up untile a hour or 2 later and sometimes when it does it does a sputter type of crank and doesen't want to idle for some reason. I have changed spark plugs, fuel pump & fuel filter, the coil is new, the starter, crank positioning sensor, battery, purge valve, and checked vacume lines, I like the truck but starting to feel like its not worth it. any tips will help.

spark or fuel

Does it crank and not start or not crank at all?

When it is running rough; sputtering, poor idle, is it due to improper spark or fuel? Have you watched a timing light to see if it flickers when running rough? If the timing light doesn't flicker try squirting a shot of either into the intake to see the idle speed evens out. Let us know what you find?