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cranks but no start


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July 27, 2011
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dayton ohio
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2007 base
I have a 2007 ford explorer with the 4.0 flex fuel engine.Had multiple misfire codes in continuses memory and also had p0172 and p0174. Replaced plugs and wires due to age and plugs were fuel fouled. checked fuel pressure with an outside guage and has a cranking reading of 89 psi.the fuel pressure sensor on the rail is reading about 7.89 psi. changed sensor but the readings did not change.checked for voltage from wires to the sensor and have about 5 volts on 3 wires and nothing on 1. not sure if this is causing my no start but need some direction to go in.i am getting good spark and injector fire, has good compression and seems to be delivering too much fuel to the cylinders. Help if any one can!!!!!