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Crankshaft position sensor issue


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April 5, 2022
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2004 Ford Explorer EB
Hi! New member here.
I have a 2004 Explorer 4.6.
I had to replace the crankshaft position sensor maybe around 6 months ago. At that time the car was shutting off randomly. We replaced the cps and that solved the problem.

This weekend the car started acting up whenever I tried to accelerate, the car went into engine safe mode and I would need to start it back up until it would happen again. Until the car just cranked but didn't start anymore.
We towed it home and replaced the cps again and it solved the problem. It starts again but I am worried that there is an underlying problem that is making the cps go bad.

One thing that it had been doing as well is that, at a stop and when tryng to go again it will not go until 5 seconds later it bangs and starts going. Could it be related?

I do have some codes: p0442, p0108 and p0406.

Thank you for any advice on this.

Nothing here, but if you're looking around, it's called a CKP sensor.
Best wishes

p0406- EGR value higher than range
p0108- map sensor
p0442- evap leak

and by bang, do you mean it slams into gear? like it revs freely, then gets into gear?