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Crawlers new suspension mods

94 Crawler

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March 9, 2007
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'94 Ranger SuperCab
Here are some mods I have been working on since December. Longer shock towers, remove 5.5" block reinstall old 2" block aal and 4" shakle, new rear upper shock mount dual rear shocks (to compensate for rear sway bar destined for my scrap pile, lengthened front sway bar links, quick disconects, and relocated breaklines. The front shocks are the ever popular rancho 5012's rears are 36" rancho's. The coil bucket is a cut ranger bucket with a F-250 shock tower welded to where the old sectoin wes removed. I'll have to get a better pic of the links and quick disconects. Also 5.5 Skyjacker soft ride coils.



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r those stock crome radius arms?

The radius arms are extended stockers with 3/4" hymes. They are my color of chioce for suspension components old Ford engine blue.:thumbsup:

o it looked like they were crome in the pic, my bad

Here are some flex pics

This was in the ditch in front of my house today. (I know just like a little kid playing in the ditch.) Anyway it has 16" of travel front and rear it is prety much maxed out in these pics. Oh by the way the springs are still the limiting factor.:(


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Oh and I'm gonna have to get a locker for the rear the traction lock "aint" cuttin it. I am afraid that the front e-z is going to take a dump as much as it was snapping and popping coming up the other side.

That's not bad for having TTB coils.

The best test is to take it out and see how it does on a trail though.:thumbsup:

(couldn't hurt to widen up your beam window a bit on the passengerside, looks like the shaft is getting close to hitting there)