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Crawlers sliders

94 Crawler

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March 9, 2007
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'94 Ranger SuperCab
Here are my sliders I have been working on. I still have to bolt on the right side (ran out of washers and nuts:eek:). Hopefully I will get done this weekend. Oh befor I forget they are 2x4x3/16 with front and rear legs 2x2x3/16 and middles made of 2x4x3/16. Atached by 3" angle front and rear and 5x3/16 flat in the middle. The plate is on both sides of the chassis so it should not pull through. I also added some gussets where I could. Enjoy.




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Nice work!

Look nice. One idea though. If you can add a tube off the side kicked up at about a 45 degree angle that sticks out a few more inches. It will help save your doors a ton.

Thanx for the reply Rock Ranger I definatly want to some thing simmiler to what you suggest. I've had to depend on a friend to let me use his welder on this project and our timing ,metal required, and skill to bend it at the proper place just did not fall in line to do it now. I have a larger welder in the works, it is suposed to weld up to 1" :eek::thumbsup: It is an industrial Miller. More big weld projects are in store once I get it and rewire my shop.