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Crawler's wife's project sas (Montero?)

94 Crawler

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March 9, 2007
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'94 Ranger SuperCab
I hope It's ok to post this here. The wife and I are starting the sas on her Mitsubishi Montero, and while this is not a ford product I have gotten a lot of ideas from members rides on Explorerforum as to how I will complete this build. Any feed back will be great.

Here is the plan. We are planing on converting front and rear to leafs. 63" chevys out back and grand waggys up front. The axles I already have are from a 90' grand waggy. The reasons I went this way are as follows. The narrow width of the front and rear, drivers side drop, and the bolt pattern is the same as the existing wheels. By doing this I am going from a 9" rear gear to a 8.5" rear. But stock the montero has 27 spline axles and the 44 is 30 spline so I think I will be ok as we will stay under 35" tires. so here are some pics.


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Your wife sounds pretty awesome. :thumbsup:

Thanks RangerX. She is.

We have been best friends since we met. A matter of fact one of our first conversations was that we had the same tires 31x10.50 15 BFG A/Ts.
Every since I started going bigger she has also wanted to go bigger. The Old man Emu kit is rediculous for 2" of lift. So I figured ,the ranger drives great solid, and if I'll be able to get the Montero to drive simmiler or better with solid axles I'm going for it.

Tagging along for the ride :D

I started on the rear first. The factory suspension is a radius arm set up with coil springs. All of the suspension bolts are 16mm including the shock bolts :crazy:. Since I have no bracketry to go off of I will be moving things around untill I get it where I want it. I have the old rear out and have several brackets that need to be removed. I currently have no cut off wheels and its turky day I wonder whats open.


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Oh the axle is almost the perfect width it is only 1" wider wms to wms.


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Here are some pics from friday. I still have to box in the leaf spring mounts. I cut off the rear track bar mount. I removed the nerf bars they were in the way and need to be replaced with some sliders. They were only held on by 2 bolts. The last pic is approximatly how high the rear will be.


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One more this thing is goint to be tall just because the body is already tall.


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