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Crawlin91's build thread

My ranger
Plans 6" skyjacker suspension, 1 piece driveshaft swap, 8.8 TrueTrac swap, 4.56s, tube bumpers/sliders, 33's


fun stuff from the junkyard


tear down


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Or if you have another tube/beam that is stronger (thicker wall), clamp this tube onto that before you start burning and keep it clamped on there until it has cooled (and try not to get that beam too hot too or else it too might start deforming).

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this is how they used to look.

and how it sits tonight


I also got a good jump on my set of extended rad arms. Using 2" .25 wall DOM and stock rad arms. .25" steel for brackets


I picked up a bud built skid plate a while back.

Used 1/4" plate, 1.5" tube, and grade 8 hardware. I am going to beef up the point where it mounts to the frame before I put a winch on it. I also plan on adding a removable skidplate, stinger bar and 6" slim lites that I picked up today. Oh and maybe a winch someday.....



Finally cracked the superlift drop bracket, I knew it was coming. Up next is a full front end rebuild:
homebrew extended radius arms, aussie locker, e-clip eliminator, full circle clips, spicer 5-760x u joints, new poly bushings, stacked washers, wheel bearings, more fender cutting

and then furthur down the line I would like to drop the center link on my superrunner steering kit 2-3" for better steering angles. then maybe some f250 shock mounts.

So I finally got to work finishing the radius arm setup.
materials used 1/4 steel plate
2" 1/4 wall DOM tube
grade 8 bolts


first I cut the threaded end and what would be welded into the DOM tube then made a cut again where the 2" tube would just squeeze into the stock arm.

Then I fabbed up a transmission support crossmember to replace the stock one. I decided to go this route to ease in the radius arm drop mount install. (instead of relocating my e brake cable mount on the drivers side, and the passenger side framerail flares in the exact point i would have put the mount) Also I used many of the existing holes in the frame and didnt have to make more, just widened them out to 1/2 size.....yes thats about two feet of snow in the background.

my high tech drill press, I used gear oil as cutting oil. The combination of the powerful drill and the occasional catch of the hole saw left my wrist sore as hell. I also had to do this step twice as I eyeballed it and used a 1.5" bit the first time but the new and old bushings needed a 1 5/8" hole.

beefed the hell outta the arms, there are several peices behind that plate holding the arm in as well.

off to the paint booth, once again only the most high tech equipment was used

At this point its all bolted up in the truck. I made some stacked washer spacers that should help lift the front up a bit. I also beefed the passenger superlift drop bracket. added some clearance to the shafts, tacked the caps and installed the eliminator spring. Just have to bolt the rest of the front end together and get it aligned. More eye candy to come

here it is:salute: should make the dana 35 a little more fun to play with


Shoot man. You do work. Nice truck :thumbsup:

flex and take pics to compare the travel difference!!



Do you have the V6 or V8 in that great looking ranger?? If not a V8... there's an idea for another step in the project.

nice truck man, gotta say you do good custom fab work too lets get an update??

ok here is an update on my truck
saginaw tbird HD pump swap, bolted right in and no more ps whine.

cleaned up the exhause a little and got rid of the clamps


threw in a lockable tuffy box

and a cb


and I have been doing lots of planning and gathering for the next stage of the build
might put one of these in

snagged a newer 1354M t-case from the junkyard out of a 3rd gen ranger

got a DD doubler kit and started mocking things up

did some cutting

I sourced some full width one tons for a fair price and picked up a stocker 10.5 14 bolt, and a fairly built rear d60 with 5.38s and a detroit

thinking I might go with the 14 bolt for the extra beef...


Also got a kingpin dana 60 builder axle from an '86 everything works just needs some cleaning and new guts

otherwise just wheeling the piss out of it in current form







wow man !!! that is gonna be unstoppable.... you will be able to drive it straight up a tree LOL... im sorta a a newb but i have a big plan (in my head) just waiting and gathering tools and knowledge im still stock right now

edit i saw those pics, it already is lookin beefy on those rocks pretty fun stuff good fishin truck

Where did you get the stuff for behind you grill and what is it called?? I have been looking for something like that for my X after I spent a couple hrs. straightening the rad. fins from rocks hitting it.

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99 cent gutter guard at home depot:D