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Crazy 3rd row idea...Will it work?

Not sure of the dimensions on that seat, but it should be about the same. I have my moms Jeep out in my garage right now and the seat is 35 inches wide at the pins that lock the back of it down. The actual seat was 33 wide.

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You have me curious enough to go measure in between the wheel wells after work today. If I recall though that should be plenty narrow enough.

I have a middle row seat from a 2001 grand caravan with built in child seats. I cut down the factory steel mounts, and added bracing under floor of ex, and is forward facing. works great, kids love it, and will serve its purpose without having to go out and get a minivan, or sub, or another

workin on it...have the pics, just never got around to setting up the offsite picture holder accounts