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crazy gauge bezel questions


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October 18, 2001
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1996 xlt
i've been thinking about the possibility of switching up my gauges to something very different.

i've been searching dakota digital but they dont have quite what i want, who else manufactures gauges? i'd like to modify my bezel, but i also want to keep it simple- i'm only looking to have tach, speed, fuel, and temp.

what about swapping in the ford family? maybe a navigator or something (was suggested by a friend)

what i think would be best would be to be able to bolt in some new gauges into a custom bezel i'd build like the dakota digital ones- just at less than half their price

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A black lexan panel with Autometer or Dakota Digital gauges would be sweet.

Something like Troll's setup?

For in the ford family, check out the aftermarket ford mustang panel from autometer. Full plug and play for the mustang including tach, speedo, fuel, oil, and water.

I am pretty sure that you could probably splice some wires and be good to go. and do a prduct search for PN 7003
or just go to products and then click gauges and you will see mustang instrument panel.


after looking at the mustang bezel and an explorer one on ebay the mounting tabs look almost the same and knowing the way ford is they might actually be.

EXPO - you gotta be the gunnie pig for this. because if it is exact swap that would be awesome


It's not, but it's close.

its cool but i think i'd prefer something with less instrumentation.

i really want something minimal and clean with just- speed, tach, fuel, and maybe temp

i'll have volts in my center console and air pressure in the bags over there also.

troll's setup:


I realize it is not the same, that is why I said

"mounting tabs look almost the same"

Trolls is good too, even relocated the shift indicator.


Is trolls all custom or can you do that relativelt easy? That is exactly what I'd like to do.


Obviously it's custom. If you're profient in wiring, it should be that difficult, but then again I don't know the specifics. Relocating the gear indicator seems like it would be a big job though.

I have always wanted to put 2002+ Mountainer Gauges in mine, that would look sick. But I already got the 01 sport gauges, so im not sure if its worth it to waste my effort installing another set...but damn those mounty gauges are sick!

i've replaced the gear indicator in the past- relocating it would not be a big deal at all

I contacted the guys who make the 'Stang cluster but they don't answer us lowly "X" people. I would love one of those 'Stang types. I did the white face conversion but those Autometer gauges look sweet.
If anybody modifies the 'stang setup please post all that's involved. If it's not too much of a headache I might give it a shot also.

I'd love to be able to use Chrysler 300M gauges or the Escalade ones but I can only imagine how hard that would be to do.