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Crazy Wreck!

No pictures....but here's what happened:

My girlfriend and I were sitting in my X trying to decide where we were headed tonight, when we heard tires squeeling. We looked to see a Chevy Lumina (with its brakes locked up) t-bone a Honda CRV. The Honda CRV rolled onto the driver side, then the roof, then the passenger side, and back onto its wheels! It landed in the other lane as cars began to dodge it. It was crazy watching it as if it were in slow motion. A couple other guys and I took off toward the CRV (liquid was coming from underneath it) to see if they were ok. About the time I got to the tailgate of the CRV, I saw the driver release her seatbelt! ONCE AGAIN SHOWING THE IMPORTANCE OF SEATBELTS!

Then on my way home from my girlfriends, I was almost hit head on by a car traveling at a high rate of speed passing cars....shortly followed by 2 Kentucky State Troopers! My girlfriend called my cell beacuse she heard the sirens and as we were talking she said she saw a car flying down her road with a Trooper chasing!

You got to love Friday the 13ths!:D

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Is it a full moon too?

geez i hope theres no more bad posts. was everyone ok in the honda. i know the driver was but anyother pasengers.

thats crazy, im kinda jealous as i have never seen a pursuit in action and i want to lol. oh well not it is saturday the 14th and it is BORING so far

There was one passenger, but she was a little banged up......ok though. If a little CRV will hold up like that in a wreck....I know the X will do better....hope I never find out though.:D