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Creaking/popping sound....Tie Rods?


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April 26, 2005
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1997 XLT
Hey Guys,

Been having a creeking/popping sound coming from the front drivers side when I turn the wheel to the left. I can feel it in the steering and hear it inside the car. I got underneath last night and had the wife turn the wheel while I felt around. I could really feel the creek/pop when I had my hand on the outer tie rod. This only happens when turning the wheel to the left. Am I in the ballpark here, something else I should be looking at?


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If your tie rods are not worn out I would check the cv joint if you have 4-wd.

Check your tie rod end by trying to move the tire in and out in the direction of steering motion. If there is any movement, your tie rod is worn out and should be replaced. You may need an assistant to turn the wheel back and forth while watching the tie rod end in relation to the knuckle.

Lower Ball Joint,i Just Did Mine.

Lower ball joints? That's nice.

Roof Rack.

Lower ball joints? That's nice.

Roof Rack.


So it could be the ball joint huh? It's not happening when the suspension is active only turning.

I'm betting on the cv joint. Just replaced one on my Taurus that exhibited a popping when turning.;)

Let me maybe rephrase, as you are turning the steering wheel you can here and feel it as you continue to turn the wheel but never a single pop it's multiple small creaks/pops as you continue to turn the wheel. It starts from dead center all the way through the range till the wheel stops turning.