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crossovers and components


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December 5, 2002
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Would I need to get a component system with crossovers if the amp or head unit powering them already had the crossovers?

it would seem that if the headunit had crossovers, you wouldn't need a component system and would be just as good to get some 2-way speakers.

any thoughts?

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The cross overs that come with the component system are different than the x-overs in the amps/HU. The component x-overs have a network of coils and capacitors that route the input signal. Bascially, you send the x-overs the a music signal, and the component x-overs send certain frequencies to the tweets, and everything below to the drivers. wherein, a x-over in an amp or HU only sends information above/below a certain frequency point (good for subs).

Components come with x-overs as a kit (tweets, drivers, x-overs). These are the best for sonic clarity, but you can use normal co/tri axial speakers and the x-overs in the amp/HU and it will sound good to.

The way I have my system setup... my sub gets everything below 100Hz and my speakers (components front/ coaxials rear) get everything above 100Hz (and then the x-over in the component network further divides the frequencies that my front speakers see).

Is this clear as mud?

what about 2 ways that come with crossovers. Is there a difference other than the tweet is already mounted for you?
Infinity Kappa has both kinds in the 5.25" size. Big difference in $$$. What would be the benefit of one over the other?

does anybody hear know the answer to the bove question?

One of the major advantage to the seperate tweeter is sound stage. In other words where you put the tweeter as oppossed to the woofer effects the way your overall system sounds.

Originally posted by sweaver76
what about 2 ways that come with crossovers. Is there a difference other than the tweet is already mounted for you?
Infinity Kappa has both kinds in the 5.25" size. Big difference in $$$. What would be the benefit of one over the other?

Sorry.. didn't check this thread for a while...

There are 2 types of coaxials (2 way) that come with cross overs. There's the traditional 2 way separates (components) where you mount the woofer and tweeter in 2 different positions (normally woofer down in door panel and tweets around the sail panel or high on dash or something) and then there's the new thing that Infinity and Alpine are doing ~ having a normal coax speaker with a x-over on the speaker input wires.

The deal with the 2nd type is really just marketing. Technically, these speakers can be bi-amped b/c there are separate speaker leads to the woofer and tweet, but this is rarely (i repeat RARELY ~ as in i've never seen it) done. The thing about these is that you'll have a slightly better x-over than one that is normally used on a traditional coax speaker (which is really just a capacitor on the leads to the tweeter).

Really, the coax speakers with the new external x-overs are kind of a PITA to install b/c you have to mount/zip tie/etc. the x-over to something and then mount the speaker.

I have both of these styles in my truck (all Alpine Type R)

As for the sound quality... the ones with the separate tweets (components and more $$$) will give you (as mentioned above) a better soundstage. I like these b/c it brings the sound level higher up in the vehicle ~ which isn't a huge problem in X's.. but my old Acura had door speakers that would fire at your ankles, so when I put tweets in the door panels, the car instantly sounded better ~ better vocals, better surrounds, and obviously better highs.

As far as frequencies go... the higher the frequency (pitch) the more directional the sound wave is. That's why tweeters should be aimed at your ears (advantage `~ separate tweeters) and why subs can be put in the trunk (you'll hear/feel it regardless of where it is)

Sorry for the long response... I had to know all of this stuff (and LOTS more for my MECP certification)

Thanks for the info, now this poses a question for me.

Should I get the infinity reference 5.25 components,
or should I go with an alpine (spr134-a) or kappa (52.5i) coax with x-over. All are about the same price.

They will be for the front, with about 30 rms going to each.

The system setup will be:
Alpine cda-9813 driving these speakers up front and RF hpc2268 6x8s in rear. An alpine v-power amp at 200x1 driving an mtx 10" in rear stealth spot.

Thanks for your input!