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Crown Vic 4.6L SOHC V8 Same as Explorer?


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January 12, 2012
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew off hand if the heads off a 92-95 Crown Victoria will work with a 3rd gen Explorer? :D:australia

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I ended up printing this out. It has extensive info on the Modular 4.6l SOHC V8..

Oh yeah, and the answer is yes you can but be sure to change both heads as the compression ratio will be different due to different combustion chamber designs..

Although the powersteering pump will not bolt directly onto NPI Romeo heads.

Also, the 92 crown vic has a different bolt pattern than the 93-95 did. The 92 used an AOD transmission, whereas the 93-95 used an AOD-E. I found this out when my son blew the motor in my 92! Other than that, I'm not sure. Just giving you what info I do know. Good luck with it!

Also crown Vic is iron block and explorer is aluminum.

Uhhh there is one big difference. The Crown of those years had NPI heads on them (Non-Performance improved). The 3rd Gen Explorers got the newer Performance Improved heads. Different shaped intake ports, and as has already been mentioned, it would reduce your compression ratio as well. If you're looking for a set of heads, be sure and search for "PI heads". The Thunderbird crowd used to love to find explorer engines to put in their cars due to the aluminum blocks and the PI intake and heads. ;)

would work but as others have said it would be a huge down grade with the lower compression and much worse flow.