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CRS: Need a hand remembering what brand Springs these are


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Apparently, I'm suffering from CRS. I can't remember what brand/lift/spring rate this set of springs is. Its one of my spare sets I have.

The Blue ones are Duff 2.5" progressive rate springs. I can't remember what the grey set it. I'm 95% sure they were 94 crawlers old springs but I'm not 100% sure.


ford Explorer Lift springs by maniak_az, on Flickr

Anyone recognize them?


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Ok, My google-fu has gotten better tonight.. The grey springs were 94 crawlers...

You can see them in this thread..

I found his old skyjackers in the shed too (black springs).. So I have 2 sets of springs to play with now.. I just wish I knew what the grey ones were.

I'm going to attempt to measure the spring rate on them this weekend.. hopefully I don't hurt myself trying that..


Well, the orig. for sale thread was deleted. I found Page 2 and 3 in Googles cache, but not page 1. The wayback machine doesn't have it either :(

I know Rubicon Express uses silver/gray on their springs.

I don't think RE ever made Ford TTB coils though...

Pro-Comp maybe? :scratch:

(that's about the only one who used gray that's coming to mind)

That spring looks like it's made from a pretty thick wire though (read: stiff as hell).

It did look pretty thick. I just came back in from installing the Skyjacker 6" set I had (Black springs I got at the same time as the grey ones). The coil wire seemed thinner but its still much stiffer than the Duff springs I had (and 2" more lift too).


My Tuff Country lift springs are grey and look very simliar to those.