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Cruise control cannot even test


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October 2, 2019
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Pakenham, Victoria
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1998 UN Explorer XLT
Hi I have a 98 explorer XLT in Australia. My Cruise control buttons were destroyed just falling to bits so I replaced them.
Cruise control still didn't work so searching and searching through the forums I've tried most things.
The brake pressure switch on the master cylinder tested fine but I replaced it anyway,i had the recall loom done, the brake pedal switch was fine but I replaced it anyway, it's entirely new buttons and loom in the wheel, the fuses are fine, the cable is connected to the throttle body, the horn works, the lights on the buttons work, so am I right in thinking the only things left are the clock spring or the servo.
I'm highly doubting it's the clock spring since the horn works fine and so do the lights on the buttons and I have no airbag fault.
But it is my understanding that the servo won't do a thing until cruise control is turned on.
So really it only leaves me with the clock spring or the wiring.
I know the light doesn't come on until you're at speed and hit the set button. When I do the test holding the off button and turning the key to on the cruise control light doesn't come on.
I will replace the clock spring tomorrow just because but I'm really out of ideas and it seems no one on the forums has had the same issue it's nearly always it flicks on and off.

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So I replaced the clock spring and the servo with no success.
I've replaced brake pedal switch, master cylinder switch, wheel buttons and loom, clock spring and servo. Even tried bypassing the recall loom at the switch.
Guess it's destined to have no cruise as I've exhausted all knowledge on the internet.

Is the Cruise control wires grounded right where they steering wheel mounts? Do the lights light up. Maybe a pinched wire somewhere in the steering column. What about fuses? It could be the control module mounted on the fender, that's what happened to mine so I had to replace it. All was fine after that.

Any break in the brake circuits, will cause the cruise control to not turn on.

There is a test procedure for trouble shooting it, using all the control buttons. You count the flashes after the test to find the issue.

I will try to find that test, and post back here with it.


Found it!

98 cruise test.jpg

Edit 2: I just read your first post again. I missed where you said the light didn't come on with this test. :( Crap... I tried.
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Cruise control wires are grounded right as I replaced the entire loom, buttons and even the wheel. Yes the lights come on and the horn works.

No pinched wires in the column as I changed the whole clock spring for a working one which in turn replaces the wire right down the column to the loom.

I replaced the module too with a known working one that didn't help.

I believe the brake circuit is fine but I haven't checked it. The brake lights work fine and I replaced the brake switch.
I found a video that tests the plug at the module itself so you can see if button clicks register I will try that. Seems like it must be a short in the wiring somewhere.