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Cruise control deactivation switch leaking


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July 12, 2009
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2006 Explorer Limted V8
This actually concerns my father's 2002 F150 but could be an Explorer. Since it's a Ford, it probably uses the same parts.

Back in 2009 or 2010 I noticed the cruise control switch on my '96 Explorer was leaking brake fluid yet the cruise control worked just fine. So I went to Advance and bought a new switch and was going to replace it on my seven days off. But before I got a chance, I get a letter in the mail telling me there was a recall on this switch.

I took it into the dealership and they replaced the switch and the harness while I waited. I took the switch back to Advance.

So Dad get's this 2002 F150 the other day and tells me the cruise control is not working and asked if I would look at it. I pulled the fuse and even checked it with a meter and it showed to be good.

So I popped the hood to look at the switch. It's leaking brake fluid. I told Dad to take it to the dealership and have them see if it had been replaced during the recall and if not I'd install him a new switch.

The dealership says just the harness was replaced in 2007 but they didn't say why. This was 2 or 3 years before Ford issued the recall notice.

According to the recall issued, the problem was the switch could leak brake fluid into the harness and cause a fire. That's why they replace the harness along with the switch. I have no idea why they just replaced the harness in 2007.

It was my understanding these switches were installed on all Ford trucks.
So the F-150s should fall under the same recall as my '96 Explorer did. Just by looking at it, it looks like the same switch to me. Why would Ford use two different switches just to deactivate the cruise control?

I first thought maybe by 2002, Ford stopped using the faulty switches but apparantly not because his appears to have been leaking for some time.

I disconnected the switch and told Dad to see if the cruise control worked but to be very careful and hit the off button in case it didn't turn off. He said the cruise control still does not work with the switch disconnected.

I checked the switch with my ohmsmeter and it shows an open circuit with and without the brake pedal pressed. So that leads me to believe the switch is bad or it's a normally closed switch which allows the cruise control to work and when the brake pedal is pressed, it opens the circuit and deactivates the cruise.

Can someone tell me how this switch works? It needs to be replaced anyway since it's leaking. I was just hoping this new switch might fix Dad's cruise control by killing two birds with one stone. I'd like to save him some bucks. I think the switch is less than $20. Ford wanted $70 just to hook it up to their machine.

Install the new switch!

Sorry for the tardiness of this reply.

You need to replace that leaking switch ASAP - that is exactly how they can catch fire! And, yes, your father's 2002 F150 is among the affected vehicles.

Check this link out - This is the latest info from Ford, dated April 10, 2008.
TO: All U.S. Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealers
SUBJECT: Safety Recall 05S28 - Supplement #15 : 1992-2004 Multiple Vehicle Lines - Speed Control System Modification...

In a nutshell, the dealer will install (in your case, did install) the Fused Jumper Harness (FJH) on all affected vehicles. If, and only if, your Speed Control Deactivation Switch (SCDS) is wet and leaking, they will replace it as well, with part #1L1Z-9F924-AA

MY ADVICE is to replace the SCDS on your vehicle even if it is not leaking! Let Ford put in the FJH, and do the switch yourself. Part is $16.61 (+S&H) from Tasca Parts or AutoNation Ford White Bear Lake (previously Tousley Ford)

I have not checked the price at Stealership yet...

PS - Just read that the switch is NC