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Cruise Control Delay


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September 10, 2011
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Central Florida
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98 Explorer
I searched for this, I promise I did! but after the first few pages of about 18 I found a TON of other useful info but nothing on cruise control delay.

I turn Cruise 'ON' I press 'SET' and let foot off gas and the truck does not engage right away, it slows about 3-4mph and then it kicks it, accels up to where I set it at and it works great! Coast and Accel works fine too. I have even tried to hit 'SET' and hold my foot on the gas for it to catch up but it doesn't until after I remove my foot from the gas pedal. I have noticed that on the interstate at like 70 the delay isn't as long as on the hwy about 50mph.Can this be adjusted?

Thank you.