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cruise control doesn't work


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May 2, 2007
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'01 explorer sport trac
I have noticed that my overhead console temp/compass stopped working so I checked the fuses they were ok also noticed that the same fuse is for cruise control so next time on the highway checked it and that doesn't work either.
Already changed clock spring-nothing,now changed the cruise buttons and nothing the next thing is the GEM module but don't want to change things if they are not helping.Can someone help please

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did you test the cruise switch on the master cylinder? I did the same things that you did and that was the last check. Try searching and you will find my thread.

Check the fuse block under your hood it could have something to do with that. Or go back to your user manual and see which fuse controls these features pull that fuse out and replace it with a new one anyway just for ***** and giggles. Also I would get a tester and check to see if your even getting power at your fuse panel for these features.

no I haven't checked that switch,but why would overhead console stopped working...a coincidense?

Allot of times things like that will be on the same fuse. They dont require verry many amps so they throw them all on one. I used to have a car that had the stereo, domlight, heater blower, and dash lights all on one fuse it just depends. The problem deffinatly sounds like a fuse or possibly a short. If two things stopped working at the same time im willing to bet its a fuse.