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Cruise control not working


February 3, 2000
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My cruise control is not working! It quit working for a while then started working again, then stoped, then started, now I think it has quit for good. Do you think it is just the vehicle speed sencor, or something more serious.

I have a 94 XLT


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I have seen this exact problem in several GM vehicles....frankly they have (IMO and that of several friends) the worst cruise control system ever put in a modern car...60K and they die. (Had two, both did it.)

But I have never seen this in a Ford. (Had four, none did it.) It may well be a loose wire or dirty connector, and it may well be you can deal with it yourself without taking your :exp: apart in your garage.

So, like i suggested before, go get that Chilton/Haynes and start groovin' on your new hobby! ;)


I guess you just had bad GMs because I have a '94 Camaro and it has 119,000 miles and cruise control works just fine. Otherwise, I'd be getting speeding tickets regularly. :D

Not trying to be argumentative, Char, but you should consider yourself lucky. A friend of mine who does restorations and is a regular contributor to some publication called "Scraped Knuckles" or something like that, sent me an article from the publication that dealt with this issue. Seems he and others had so many problems with it it was worth writing up the cure...which, unfortunately involves removing the turn signal stalk and the entire wiring harness cause the problem is so buried in the guts of the turn signal stalk this is the only reasonable fix. In fact, the author of the article, who has lots of GMs, keeps a spare wiring harness hanging in the garage at all times!! Anyhow, i've had the one go on a Pontiac and on my wife's later model Olds. So I am much happier with the "buttons" on the steering wheel of the later model Fords, such as my Explorer. BTW, you are obviously way past the "dead zone" for these things, so i think you got the good one they made in '94 ;)

As far as having bad GM products, other than the Vette, yes, I really have. :eek:

The easiest part to check is the vacuum hose which not only has a tendency to rub through but is too restrictive. Pull the hose at both ends and examine it carefully for the full length. While you are at it, verify that the vacuum check valve is sealing tight (it is just where the hose connects to the cruise control power unit).

I replaced my hose with a length of fuel hose with an internal diameter big enough to fit directly onto the vacuum fitting at the manifold (can't remember the size that I bought at the moment). It did wonders for the cruise control response.

Mine did the same thing, I had the mechanics check it out (free estimates are great)they told me it was a problem with the body computer, the one under the right frint kickpanel, anyway, I took it out and, dnot' laugh, tapped it pretty hard with a hammer, It did the trick. The c.c. worked again! Turns out there was a loose commection in the comuter. Be carefull hitting though, b/c it controls everyhtin that's not engine related, (power door locks, windows, lights, seats, everything!) If that doesn't work, try replacing the body comp with one out of a junk yard explorer. YOu can get em pretty cheap if you bargain.