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Cruise control servo harness


October 2, 2010
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'02 Ranger XLT 4x4
Hi all, first time posting a new thread, long time lurker.

I have a '99 XLS 4.0 OHV with completely inop cruise control (I know, I know, here we go again) and I have a question regarding the wiring harness. My X seems to have two. One of which I don't think belongs and I have a hunch was installed for remote start purposes. I have the harness that's stuck to the right inner fender which seems to be the correct one but I also have one that only has 6 wires vs. 8 that is draped across the top of the engine along the firewall and pushed through a slit in the shift cable grommet in the firewall. The harness that's ran along the firewall has a brake pedal switch in it and a pigtail that goes in between the factory cruise plug behind the knee panel. Have any of you seen this before? I looked up the ford part number on the seemingly incorrect harness and it says it's for an econoline van trailer wiring harness. Either way, I'd like to get to the bottom of why this "extra" harness is installed. Thanks, Rick

I managed to resolve this issue. Plugged in the harness from the passenger side fender and removed the one ran along the firewall as well as all of the left over wire from the old remote start. Cruise works perfectly.

Here is the harness in question. The two white pieces are old connectors that the wires had corroded out of.