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Cruise Control Servo Question?


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February 17, 1999
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Cranberry Township, PA
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'93 Limited
I've been trying to address the surging cruise control problem with my '93. I attempted to pull codes yesterday, only getting two codes which I believe related to the test itself (536 and 538).

I also used a hand pump vacuum gauge to apply vacuum to the side of the servo that gets vacuum from the manifold tee - it would slowly bleed down. This was with the key off, and with the key on and cruise button pushed. I tried it on both sides of the check valve that's in the line, made no difference. The check valve is working properly, only allowing vacuum to pass one way.

Can anyone verify that the manifold side of the servo should hold vacuum?

The other side is the vacuum dump side - when the system needs to slow down, or if you step on the brake, the solenoid on that side releases the vacuum to disengage the cruise.

I believe it should hold vacuum. Check your vacuum hoses for leaks or cracks.