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cruise control troubles! :-(


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May 8, 2004
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Millbrook, Illinois
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2001 Explorer Sport Trac
1994 explorer four door XL 4.0L OHV. 5 speed manual transmission, 2 wheel drive. The problem with my cruise control is I can turn it on, but when I do I hear a very loud hissing like a vacuum leak coming from the left of the engine compartment. I can tell that the electronic components of my cruise control are working but they can't keep the speed properly due to this vacuum leak. Other than that I have no other vacuum leaks, only when the cruise control is on. Any ideas? thanks!


Can you locate the vacuum leak? The cruise control uses engine vacuum to actuate the servo. A significant vacuum leak like you describe will prevent the cruise control from doing it's thing.

yeah... only thing is I don't know how to get the leak to come about without going 55mph or so. The leak is ONLY THERE WITH THE CRUISE ON.... ::sigh:: oh well