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Cruise Control Troubleshooting?


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August 20, 2005
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Central Illinois
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1992 XLT
I posted this question a month or so ago in with several other questions I had. I got the other questions answered and the problems fixed (thanks to all that help, BTW :thumbsup: ), but I didn't get any suggestions on this one.

I have a 92 XLT with a cruise control problem. The cruise control works -- but works strangely. If I accelerate to, say, 45 mph and engage the cruise control, the truck will slow down about 4-5 mph and then engage. It will then maintain speed at 40-41 mph. If I accelerate back up to 45 using the SET button, it does the same thing and drops back to 40-41 mph. The only way to set it at a given speed is to accelerate to about 5 mph above where I want to set it and then engage it. In urban conditions, there is not always enough room to accelerate 5 mph faster than surrounding traffic to engage cruise. Also, maintaining 5 mph under the current flow of traffic will get the ire of all around you. Does anyone have any information on how to troubleshoot the cruise control and/or how to make adjustments to it?



Bumping in the hopes that someone here knows something about the cruise control system.

I'll try and find out your answer.... but in regards to this statement:

"In urban conditions, there is not always enough room to accelerate 5 mph faster than surrounding traffic to engage cruise."

I would respectfully suggest you should NOT be using cruise in any event in such a traffic situation!! That is an accident looking for a place to happen!

Not to worry, if it is bumper to bumper, I do not use cruise control. :D What I am talking about is when there is a car (normally) far enough ahead to safely engage cruise control, but because I have to speed up 5 miles an hour, set cruise control, wait the several seconds for it to engage, and then coast down the 5 mph to the pseudo-engaged speed there is not a comfortable margin between me and the other car. If I hit the brakes it disengages and if I hit coast, it goes to 5-mph under the engaged speed. Basically, that is why it is bothering me. It is a PITA to manage in a safe manner.