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Cruise not working


November 2, 2010
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Yorkville, IL
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1996 XLT 4X4 4.0 5spd man
Hi all, I 96' EX XLT 4wd, 5spd, 4.0. My cruise doesn't work. The previous owner installed a used servo and still didn't work. He had all his work done by Ford or independant mechanics, so I'm sure they checked the obvious fuses and links. Any suggestions as to where I could start to troubleshoot the problem? Thanks:help:

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Does your horn work? Start by checking the yellow fuse under the hood in the power distribution box. Don't assume they checked anything. Also check to see if this harness is plugged in:


Some people are dim- There is a reason why signs like this are posted...


They might be those people.

HAAHAH Joe that is classic! I always say if there is a caution sign there, obviously someones sued CAUTION HOT on coffee is great.........ANYWAYS I would go with what Joe said and start at the wheel and double check all the fuses over as well. Unless someone has already pulled the steering wheel off it could be the clock spring is gone on the truck. Maybe just one of the wires got pulled out somewhere along the way. Good place to start at least

Yes horn works and fuses seem fine??? any ideas Joedirt the prev. owner did hook an electronic trailer brake control up also. there is a fuse coming off the battery hot circuit. is the updates switch screwed into the master cyl. supposed to be black or orange?

orange if original, black if it's been replaced under recall.

When you hit the cruise, does the light immediately go off? It could be your cruise control unit itself...

Well Joe Dirt, you'll love this one. I pulled the fuses related to cruise inside and under the hood. The ones under the hood had what looked like varnish on the blades. Kind of like a old gummed up carb. I used a emery nail file to clean them. I HAVE CRUISE!!!!! According to original owners maintenance records, cruise hasn't worked since 2005. 2nd owner didn't care, and then I got it in Oct. 2009. I was told that here in Colorado, CDOT uses mag chloride instead of salt. It reeks havoc on electrical systems here. I knew it was electrical, but sometimes just going back to basics is the answer. Thanks for your help.........

There ya go... Glad you got 'er fixed! :thumbsup:

Those stupid yellow fuses are responsible for more non workig cruise control units than anything it seems...