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crystal headlight swap question

Greetings All-
I have purchased a set of crystal headlights/parking lights for my truck and new bulbs as the OEM lights are well oxidized and yellowed resulting in a "can't-tell-I-even-have-headlights" situation. How hard is this install? I am assuming my full-length Manik brush guard will have to come off for the grill removal?

These lights came with no directions, and now that I am on summer break I have some time for the install. I have talked to a body shop person, learning the grill and subsequently the brush guard will have to come off. So...I am considering having the body man do a professional re-finishing of the OEM lights (was told they would come out like new...), install my new bulbs, and call it good.

What would you do? Your thoughts and insights would be most appreciated.


See post 4 in Lighting FAQs.
I'm not a big fan of the beam pattern of the clear/crystal headlights. Some think they are it's your call. Although just clearing up the lenses on an old headlight assy. does nothing for the degraded reflector. So if your going to go with stock type assy.s, get new ones.
No matter which you go with it will be a lot better than they are now.