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Ctate2 2001 Explorer Sport Registry

My name is Connor and I have been on this site on and off for about 3 years. So I have had a few cars since I started driving 3 and a half years ago. Basically I want to use this threat to keep track of what I do to the car and goals I have with the car.

My first car was a 1998 ford explorer XLT V6. I had a pretty nice sound system in it with a double din pioneer head unit, Hertz audio speakers, Rocksford fosgate amplifiers, and Cerwin Vega 10" subs. I sold it after having it for a year and a half. My second car was an Acura Integra that I had for about 3 months until I sold it because it was starting to have transmission problems. My third car was again another explorer basically the same as my first only a year older and was a 4x4! It had 118,000 miles when I sold it after owning it for 6 months. My so called 4th car was a 2001 Honda Accord which was a nightmare because I found out after I bought it that the miles were rolled back. I sold it after only having the title in my name for 3 days. I bought it for $3800 and had to sell for $3000 because I was truthful with the buyer about what was wrong with the car.

And finally my most recent car which is what I will be using this thread for. I just bought the car off a guy who was using it to tow his trailer, but he decided to sell because he just decided to just buy a brand new f-150 with a V8. The owner has had all the brakes redone, and all the shocks replaced with two air shocks in the back that he put on for towing. I bought the car for what I think was a great deal of $3600. It is a 2001 sport, and it has 120,250 miles, and is the V6 sohc engine. It has all the bells and whistles with leather interior Pioneer 6 CD changer, and tow package, and front tow hooks. I plan on keeping this one for a while and doing different mods and things to keep it clean and in great condition. My mechanic checked the car out said that it was probably the cleanest car I have brought to him. There was nothing to be done now, and the only thing he said will need to be done in the future is the ball joints which is not new to me. With my college budget I hope to do a lot of things to the car which will take a while with the short supply of cash I have haha. I am open to any ideas or anything you guys come up with, but we will see how that goes since I am tight on cash well here are some pictures.












So I think I figured out my first little project. The cruise control On/Off button is pretty much melted and has gotten some weird purple and green a little on the steering wheel. Anyone know how much it would cost to buy the part and have my mechanic put it on for me.



Should be able to take it off and put the new one on yourself
Oh and welcome to the forums!
And nice Sport! Looks real clean!