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curent draw problem


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September 11, 2007
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oshawa, ontario. home 2 goverment motors canada
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99 ex sport
i just bought a 97 ex sohc.
im having a problem with it drawing power over night killing the battery. iv been using a light tester an multi meter to try an track the problem. its drawing a lil over 10 volts. iv had the light tester hooked up between the battery an terminal to see if i can get the light to go out but cant. iv pulled out every fuse,relay under the hood an in the dash an cant get it to go out.

id like to know is there something that is hooked up wheres a fuse isnt used???

im kinda running out of ideas on how to track this down.

Honestly, I'm confused by your post. First, lights draw current not volts, but do you have a light on all the time or are you refering to the test light? Where exactly do you have the test light hooked up? It sounds like you might have it hooked up to the battery, if this is the case, it'll ever go out until the battery dies. How did you determine that the battery is getting drawn out over night? Maybe you just have a bad battery. Might want to get it checked first. My first thought would be the obvious overhead light, brake lights, or some electrical component like the radio. Good Luck!

ok i am using a test light. it is hooked up to the battery between the terminal an main power wire. i am using a muli-meter in place of the test light to find out how much volts are being used. 10.25 volts
the truck has been doing this for years from what the old owner has told me an hes has just been living with it an replacing the battery ever 2 years under warrenty.
i have been puling fuses to find out what curcit is using power with the truck off an iv pulled them all out an still have the test light lit up an using 10.25 volts.
so this is telling be its not in the maxi fuse box under the hood or the mini fuse box in the dash.
so outside of these 2 fuse boxes what else could i be looking at that is drawing power killing the battery over night.