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Curt Trailer Hitch/receiver

OK, no pictures yet - I'll get those later today and edit this post.

Ordered a Curt trailer hitch thru Amazon. $123 and signed up for the free trial of Amazon Prime, so got free 2nd day shipping. Arrived on time, had the hardware and install instructions.

Let the exhaust cool down (at a friend's house) and got out the creeper and floor jack. The hitch went on almost painlessly. No problems with the rear tire clearance (stock 235/75/15 spare).

The install uses 7 different parts for install. The side of the frame (1 each side) uses a bolt, square washer, lock washer and nut. The vertical mounting (2 each side) uses a carriage bolt, square washer, and lock nut.

On the passenger side, one of the vertical mounting points in the frame didn't align with the hole in the square washer.

So I had to take it to a grinder and remove about 1/8" of the side of the washer. Returned it to the frame, installed, tighted it up.

I'll add pics of the actual installed hitch later.

Of course, after I got under there, I found I didn't have the pre-wired hitch lighting. I purchased the adapter (the round 7 pin? to the flat 4 pin) so I'll have to acquire the rest of it and wire it. I'll look for the wiring here and maybe on youtube. Anyone direct me to it? :cool:

OK - I removed the taillights and didn't see any pigtail or adapter there - either side - to hook the trailer electrical harness into. Might I be missing something? I'll be checking more. Any info would be great. I'm hoping I don't need to install (or buy since I'm pretty broke lately) an extensive (expensive) interface.