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Custom 1st Gen Grill


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February 12, 2013
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91 XLT
So, i figured this as the best forum for this since its a non offroady exterior accessory.
Its small expanded steel with 3/4" flat bar around it, mounts to the top stock screw clips and lower bump stops for stock grill. 4x4 emblem is from an 86ish f150.


very difficult to get that double curve right


(in this pic it looks crooked but it isnt, i checked lol.)


recently repainted the brush guard i made a while back so it went on as well.

one more

i would love feedback on this, and i hope someone else likes the idea, i havent seen any like this on explorers and the only others ive seen are still different so any thoughts on it are welcomed!

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I like it. I don't think I've seen anyone else do that yet:dunno:

thanks for the comments guys! the positive feedback is great haha. i wasnt entirely sure how it would look on the truck, the chrome bumper needs to be painted to match but that comes later. it was suggested to me to get a set of lights and a hole saw to match their diameter and cut out holes and mount 2 lights right into the mesh, which i think would be cool, but with the brush guard i think it would be too busy looking in front, opinions?

Looks Great , I like it a lot , Gotta Love Custom Parts ! .

Looks great man! I love it

found my only progress pic, just the materials but you can figure it out pretty easily, the long tabs hold the plastic shelf on top of the grille when its installed, the big ones hold the top of the grille to the truck. the angle steel is actually how i mounted the lower half of teh grille, but i had to use about a 3/8" wide piece of flat to act as a spacer to hold the angle farther away from teh grille to make it sit flush with the headlights. at some point ill get a pic of it installed on the truck.


Plastic shelf

I used a piece of 1" angle iron. I had to heat and adjust for the curve on my 91. Works great. I think your take on the problem is sound and should work great.

I love the look, im just confused as hell on how you modified your hood latch! I have a 2nd gen ranger, which is the same as your 1st gen explorer and id like to know what you had to do with the hood latch handle, did you swap to a newer hood latch that fits under the hood instead of behind the grill????