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Custom clear corners

Hey! For all of you out there who can't wait (like me) for the 02 explorer clear corners/euro tails I found something neat, some of you probably already know about this website but... here goes:

Dead Link Removed

It is a clear corner tutorial on how to make your own clear corners. I plan on working on this tomorrow, just found the website. Hopefully all works well and will have the first pair of clear corners on a 02 explorer :D

ive been wanting to do something similar with my 94 x i think i can do this easier as their are 3 individual headlight parts i believe ..... just replacing the clear bulbs to orang i hope ....

You should just buy the clears in a website or something, that example is good for you new generations explorers but they have clears for earlier models X's, so don't spend your time scraping orange plastic off, just give some of your "mula" and buy a pair of clears. No offense though to Timmy, only cause he has a later model X which don't have a lot performance stuff yet out..

Greddy X-Plorer we, being 01+ sport and 02+ 4-doors, would love to. But the only problem is that NO ONE makes them. I have had my 01 sport for about a year now and still nothing. They have crap out for cars and trucks that are not even at the show room but not for our damned sports:fire:. It is very upsetting.

Let us know if you find anything.

Yes, from where I've been looking (retailer sites) and my friends dad works at AutoZone he says they are just now starting production line for all those sporty cars (Civics, ect.) :frustrate