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custom exhaust configuration


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September 5, 2006
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2022 Explorer ST
I want to uncork the exhaust system a bit on my X. I don't like the fact that the available cat-back systems are just 2 1/2" and to me it looks like the cat-pipe is the biggest HP thief of all. I want to retain the stock spare tire and I want to user a converter (or two) to keep the noise level lower and the tailpipe emissions cleaner. I'm wondering what you think of this idea:
JBA shortys
2 1/4" pipes to a dual 2 1/4" inlet, 3" outlet magnaflow cat
3" muffler (spintech Truck, magnaflow, etc...)
3" tail pipe

Another way:
JBA headers
2 1/4" or 2 1/2" pipes
Two magnaflow converters (0ne per side)
Dual 2 1/2 or 2 1/4" inlet muffer, single 3" outlet.
3" tailpipe.

At this point, the truck is stock with the exception of the K&N Cold air kit. It helped somewhat to make it sound less like a sewing machine but the exhaust is way too tame.
Anyways, let me know your thoughts.

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haha that sounds pretty freakin crazy but in a good way... seems like u kno wut ur doing and there will be alot of work involved but i say go for it:thumbsup:

I sell MAC catbacks and all thier systems have 3" mandrel bent tubing. This will definately not be a restriction. PM for details.