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Custom front grill

Hey guys and gals, Im currently in the process of changing my truck around (arent we all) and i was wondering if anyone has done a custom front end
i remember a guy swapped his headlights with a bmw X5

i took a pix of my bare front end and then some photo edits , if anyone has ideas please suggest and if you can photoshop feel free to do so :p




Bonus pic :p

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Tbh, I don't like either of those. Looks tacky adding a modern front end/copying one and putting it on a ford.

Why not just mod the stock grill and add projector head lamps?

But that's just my 2 cents.

Fit a '52 F1 grill in there.


Someone started one, but didn't finish or hasn't updated their thread if they did.


yea i just dont like the look that everyone has, i want to be different, yes different isnt always better i get that but i just dont like the look,

ive seen that thread about the 50s delivery van conversion, wish they woulda kept going , something i do want to do is fill the sides in like such

here is the bmw


If you have the tools, time and talent there are no limitations.

If you have the tools, time and talent there are no limitations.

time and tools are there , talent i like to believe so , ive done all my own body work and painted my truck myself, ive also worked with fiberglass in the past so its always an option to just go nuts but i just need some ideas and suggestions, it was my dads idea to just slap a range rover grill in there lol

to be honest i really liked the range rover one.

hey so im prolly gonna go with these with a projector beam in there , also courtesy of land rover ;)

unfortunately it is snowing and too cold to do custom work outside and i am waiting for one of these trucks to roll though my junkyard because 800$ for a pair of these seems foolish when the truck they come on goes $600 in scrap metal,
also what i thought was cool was the fiber werks front end conversion


on a happier note the tail lights are in

Any progress? I'm really interested!

some what
this idea too

water tight

more pix when i get a chance , recently moving in to a 70 by 40 foot warehouse so its been swallowing my time and cash but morre pix later

Let me know on what you decide to do! I have been trying to figure out how im going to change the front end. I already have a idea on doing the back end.

all ths pics are broken now.