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How to: Custom Hi-Lift jack mount by NAK4AF

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OK so my buddy mounted his Hi-Lift jack in the rear compartment and we finally got pics of it for all to see.

I am going to be mounting mine in the same fashion.


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That is very cool... I like it.

Mind giving some specifics, maybe some closeup shots of the mounts? Looks good!

Well when he stops by in the next hour with his new travel trailer I will get some close up shots of the mounts.

Ok I got several pics of the mounts but I need to compress them and load them. So they will be here tomorrow mid day I hope.

He said to make sure I posted that the mounts were held in with self taping screws since it was impossible to get a bolt and nut in the locations. Even got some close-ups for reference as to where on the hi-lift the bolts go through

here are some pics of the install locations the extreme close up is a little blurry


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Nope he just bought some good used 33x12.5's. And I am buying his 32x10.5's for my other 93 Sport.

ha, he said someone would mention the tires and he was right!!!

But.. But..

But just think how much harder it will be to hoist your groceries into the back!! And... and... what about your kid's soccer equipment.

:D :D :D
Sorry. I had to do it. I like the look. I don't usually carry my hi-lift because I have to mount it on my rack, and I'm affraid it'd be too easy to steal.