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Custom Painted Grill, with pics :)


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August 30, 2009
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1998 Explorer XLT
Hey everyone, so after deciding that I needed a cheap new modification, I went and had some paint mixed up to match the body of my Explorer :)

When my dad bought me this car about 7 months ago, he said the chrome peeled off of the grill, so he painted it flat black before I came home haha.

The flat black looked nice, but since the chrome was gone I decided to paint it again ;)

So I started by sanding the front grill down with some heavy grit sandpaper. (I regret this because it left some gouges in the plastic, but hey it's my first time.)

I then masked off the area with some masking tape and some newspaper.

I sprayed a few coats of the paint on and blew on the area with a blowdryer because it is very cold out.

This is a pic of when I had a few coats on.

Then I bought a can of clear coat and sprayed on a few coats of that.

This is the finished product.


Hope you guys like it :)

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Looks really nice, i made that mistake to, when i painted my bumpers i used 60 grit and there are some nice visible gouges in the paint but i think it adds to the offroad look, what color is it??


looks good

thanks everyone, i think the color is called wedgewood?

yep wedgewood blue ljungberg3 its me r8rfansam from youtube hows it going man.

you should add me on facebook i am good friends with cam i have talked to him on phone a few times but havent talked to him on phone in a long long time.

my name is saam reza delrooz look that up on facebook and add me it wont let me add people.

Nice job, but honestly I can hardly tell. You ever think about painting that "mesh" behind the grille? Personally I think light grey would look good... anything to give some contrast.

yeah thats what I was afraid of, the transition from black to dark blue isnt too noticeable, but at least its noticeable from up close haha!