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Custom Rear Hitch Mounted Tire carrier 91 Explorer


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February 12, 2013
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91 XLT
Hey guys, some of you may have seen my new bumper I built and posted about a month or two ago, and I have since then made an addition, a swing down tire carrier that bolts into the 2" reciever built into the bumper.
I have limited photos because my old phone got a bit fried when it sat in a puddle for 20 minutes while washing my truck.. everything on the SD card is gone, but some pictures saved to the internal storage so here they are, hope you enjoy.

This is about halfway through building it, as you can see it is angled back slightly so try and pull it as close to the hatch at possible, and it is hinged low so that I can swing it down to open the hatch, and it pulls out of the reciever just like any tow hitch, with a hitch pin.


The hatch clears the bottom bracket and hinge by about 1/8" and the tire is almost level when folded down.


I also made this section adjustable (holes are 1.5cm apart at center) to account for different tire sizes and treads (I want 31"s and a highway/LT 31 is narrower than an MT or AT 31" tire usually, wont be perfect but i can bolt them on!) these are bolted together because I don't suspect I'll have to adjust them more than once or twice.


Finished product, unloaded.



Thoughts and opinions welcome!