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CUSTOM Retrofit OEM 2011+ HID-Conversion Ford Explorer Headlights Black Housing

Dynamikillu51ons' solution to the combat against not having a market for customized headlights!

We are proud to present the Dynamikillu51ons BLACK-EDITION Ford Explorer Headlight Setup

When the newly redone Ford Explorer was released, only a handful of their models came equipped OEM with Factory-HIDS. Those that came with had to spend a hefty amount of money to acquire such specialty lighting features. The alternate solution to this that many people currently follow is the practice of using “Drop-In HID Kits”. While claiming that this bulb-swap was a solution to improved light output mimicking the XENON-design, this procedure actually results in poor light-output causing decreased vision and unsafe light-scatter. The reason being that FORD designed their factory headlights to specifically use HALOGEN bulbs in its factory projectors, NOT aftermarket HID bulbs that can be commonly bought.

Keeping this in mind, we wanted to make an easy-swap solution for the FORD EXPLORER crowd. A design that’s easily swappable for the DIYer and additionally highlights safety by utilizing a proper HID setup. We were able to accomplish such a goal by using superior quality lighting products in our custom-build, these steps include CUSTOM-INTEGRATING an UPGRADED HID-SPECIFIC BIXENON PROJECTOR and using a high-quality HID KIT that surely surpass the cheap knock-offs made readily available offline. We certainly wanted to excel in our custom headlight build so we also made sure our designs were tastefully modified in the aesthetics format!

Our FORD EXPLORER “BLACK-EDITION” headlights utilize these awesome features!

  • TRUE HID conversion
  • Plug-And-Swap capability for install
  • Custom UPGRADED HID-SPECIFIC Bixenon Projector Retrofit
  • Morimoto HID Kit 5000K rating (PURE LASER WHITE)
  • Custom painted ALL-Black Casings
  • Amber Reflector-plate DELETE
  • CUSTOM Dynamikillu51ons special, DEVIL-EYE LASER LED HALO
  • 1 Year Warranty on Labor


I am really interested in these. Can a custom LED bulb be drilled in? How can I contact you?