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Custom Roof Rack


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January 27, 2016
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Redlands, CA
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04 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Im going to be working on a roof rack for my 04 this weekend. I'm thinking about making 2 or 3 if anyone if interested in buying one. This one im making has room for a 10x15 pop up canopy because I like using them for shade when camping. Hence the big slot. It will be made to hold a 42" light bar and will be powdercoated. I will also be requiring a $200 deposit so i know you are serious. The total price will be around $500 plus shipping unless you are local then you can pick it up. It will come with all the mounting pieces needed to bolt it to the stock roof rack locations. There is a pic of the one my brothers fj to show how it will look. These will be for 3rd Gen only. Unless you want to make your own mounts.