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Custom Sub Boxes..??

November 30, 2011
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Farmington, MO
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2002 Sport Trac
Hi all, I just bought my 2002 Trac and didnt realize it had a factory sub/amp until I got home, lol but either way i'm a huge stereo fan and thats not gonna be near enough...I have a perfectly good setup already but the box is HUGGEEE and I dont wanna lose my seating in the back..I've seen plenty of guys who have made custom boxes for behind the rear seat but has anyone made a custom box for under the seat... oh and the sub is a 12" i was thinking of making a custom box to fit the 12 and put it under the rear seat

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check out midnightrebels box towards the middle of thread, ive seen plenty of people do it. not sure about a 12 though. try searching around the forum, i know ive seen the measurements for a box like that somewhere here. if you cant find anything here, might try theres alot of good info there too.

**putting under the seat , you will most likely lose the ability to fold the seat down.**


Conrad's box from

heres some measurements courtesy of

Here's the measurements for the box that goes under the rear seat...



I'll post more sub enclosures and pictures later, trying to get my baby boy to go to sleep so I'm down one arm. LOL