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Custom tinted lights with designs

iight guys, I see everyone has been tinting their tail lights but I hadn't yet seen anyone tint their tail lights and actually put a design in the tint. I noticed that most people like to use Tint Film, which to tell the truth, I dont like it being on the lights. The fact that its exposed to the elements and some people have had it get cut up or just fall off, I know some people crack open the casing and paint the inside, but the problem with that is opening the damn tail lights without cracking anything, lol. So, the best way I've found is model car or rc car tint spray, which is item number rc294 for black if I'm not mistaken. One small can used correctly can do more than one set of tail lights, under the right conditions. As far as designs, its depends on you want it done. For a ghost effect:
  1. Spray the tail lights with like a 20% or higher tint spray
  2. Lets it set for a few hours, let it air dry after 30 minutes in the sunlight
  3. In the mean time, go ahead and figure out what design you want
  4. the best way is to design it on your computer, print it out, and if you have a light table or access to one, lay the design out on the table
  5. Get some painters tape and a razor blade, lay the painters tape over the design and cut it out, but make sure you dont cut through the paper, cut lightly over the tape, and slowly peel it off so you dont pull up any paper.
  6. Lay the design out on the lights, the best way is to take the entire piece of tape and lay it on the light, and the areas where you made the cuts, go ahead and cut deep enough to cut the tape and not the light
  7. Then peel the tape off the and areas cut out will stay on the light.
  8. Now take the darker tint after the first coat has dried, and spray it over and let it dry, after a few hours, come back and peel off the tape and you'll have the ghost effect with your design.

If you dont want the ghost affect, then skip the first 2 steps, But make sure you seal the lights with an acrylic sealers or clear coat sealer. Regardless, your tail lights will end up like this:



i used something like that on mine but mine was a testors paint i think it was something like kustom kreationz or something like that. it was a black pearl good stuff and easy to do