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custom tube bumpers, may start selling what you think?

alright thanks for all the input, and yea the ends will eb wrapped around the side, ends will be capped, and stinger will be supported, this is like a very rough idea, not even good enough to leave on my turck, i kinda just wanted to see how all the bends looked and what not...the original idea was to actully have there be no place for a winch and have the stinger really close to the body but the bender got the best of me and wanted to se what it would look like, let me come up with a few other designs and what not and then ill see if its worth selling, i think next week ill build one without a place for a winch and have it tucked real close to the body after i finish this one, i mean it really only costs like 100 bucks and some time to make these so i will be trying a few differnt designs out....

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Are you using pipe?

well i would be willing to buy the one you have on your explorer as it is....

ill sell the one thats on my explorer, just make me an offer, and try a new design....

no im using .120 wall tubing

175 but it will be awhile till im back in the area so if you cant wait then thats fine. ill be moving to thornton colorado june 1st

well keep checkin in if i still got it on the truck im sure we can work somthing out

that would be cool ill hit you up i just bought my explorer today it has some 36 inch super swampers on 17's

bada** do you have any pictures of it.....

deffinately keep us updated as new bumpers are made bud. like i said i'd love to get one made up for mine but being up here in the great white north makes it hard on the wallet to get things shipped :( :( . but love getting ideas for my own project Xplorer.....

would love on for a 2nd gen.!!!!!

hey any chance of getting some closer pics of the bumper straight on so i can get an idea of the welds and angles?? that is if you wanna share them :( :(


I would be interested in one with a standard top tube, I'm not fond of stingers. Plus I am close too.


you would make alot if u made some for a second gen *nudge nudge* lol

alright guys heres the deal, sorry i havent kept up with this post, i brought the stinger closer to the body so its got a better aproach angle and fully boxed the mounts, im workin on the winch plate, my sas has been taking up most of my time, but dony worry guys im still working on these and if and when the time comes to start selling these i will be using higher quality tubing
(.134 wall dom tubing instead of the .120 wall im using now) i also got a freind to let me borrow his 2nd gen if i build him one at cost, so ill be progressing with this in about 2 weeks when my swap is done!!

right on man. us 2nd gen guys are usually left out of the loop for some reason....LMAO. can't wait to see the progress pics when you get them done ;) ;)