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Cut fenders for (1-2" "lift")

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As said, the problem with the 4door is the rear door. That really screws up any kind of fender alteration.

Sport? Well your imagination is the limit.



You sure hacked up your bumper and rear lowers didn't you! Did you have to in order to fit the 32's?

body damage...

You sure hacked up your bumper and rear lowers didn't you! Did you have to in order to fit the 32's?

I bought the truck from someone who tailgated a Semi. The tire came off the semi and took out the front end. That's why i had to cut the front bumper. As far as the back goes, I took the chrome cover off the rear quarter panel, didn't like the way it looked, so I cut it.

would that be what you were running in this picture?

that's crazy. I saw a member on here that had "king spring leafs" on the rear and that's it back there and it lifted it enough for 33's! I've never heard of them nor could i find anything on here or google about them. You heard of em?

please tell me where you got the sunshade.

Granted it's not an Ex but go over to The Ranger Station and in the Tech Section there is a write up I done when I cut my BII fenders. I cut the fenders and with 1" BL I'm running 33x12.50. I did put my cousins 35"s on it for awhile and they just contact rear fenders at full stuff. Going to cut a little more off before I buy my next tired because I'm going up to 35"s or 37"s!!


Think my Ex had some lift (maby a AAL ) in the rare. But nothing in the front. . So i bought some spacers to run 32x11.5 tirers. . It rubs in the Swaybar but i Will fix that with new rims.


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Seriously? I didn't think that you could fit 32's with just that! Any pictures of that setup or equal? That would be sweet to do less work for the 32's! haha:thumbsup:

Thanks in advance guys. I'm off to work. Might be on later at about 11pm or so.


I have 32 x 10.5 on my sploder....

All i did was torsion twist and shackles.

About a 1.5-2in lift only

I was planning on installing the shackles and coil spacers I picked up, followed by a set of 31s.

Guess I can scratch that idea. Better tell my boss to change my tire order. Again... :rolleyes: