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Cv axle part number problem


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July 23, 2011
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07 xlt
I have an 07 explorer xlt and am trying to replace the front left cv axle. Bought one from aftermarket retailer yesterday and everythinh is the same as oem part except diameter of cv joints are larger, and diameter of threaded end of shaft and axle nut are smaller. Guy at store tells me my 2007 is has an 08 shaft, and he can't get it! But all the websites show the same part number for 07 and 08.

Part number on oem shaft - 6L24-3A428-AB

Splines at both ends are the same. Can i just use it? Oddly, i bought the hub assembly from same store, so they should work together right? But the axle nut seems too small since it has no washer and it goes into the bearing race on the hub. This is getting frustrating!

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aftermarket is just that, 99% they are just rebuilt axles with wrong parts.

I hear you. Just so damn expensive from Ford. But i guess you get what you pay for. Just can't deci
De whether to return it, or put it in.

i hear you 7 bills for a motorcraft axle is alot, you can try different part stores. they carry different name axle remans from experience with aftermarket its a hit or miss on these things.

Try getting a A-1 Cardone part.. I know Autozone, Advance auto, etc doesn't carry them but they should have the right one to fit

What was wrong and how many miles on the original one ?

Problem was growling noise coming from front end. Thought it was from the bearing hub assembly as it felt crunchy, but noise was still present after replacing the hub. Returned the incorrect cv axle to Pep Boys and got the right one from a local non-big box store. Put it in, and everything is quiet again. Hub did, need replacing, and still need to do the passenger side. Hopefully good for at least 10,000miles from what I'm seeing in other's posts about how long these aftermarket parts last. By the way, I have 89,000 mi on mine.

Thanks, I already replaced both front hubs (one of them 3 times, 2 aftermarket junk, last was Motorcraft and it's good) but everytime I start hearing humming noise from wheels, I hope it's just another bearing, but always fear it's a CV on an axle. How difficult was it to pull the axle out of the differentail ? Mine is 06 with 118K miles.

Pretty simple. there is a post on here somwhere that shows exactly how to do it. It just has a snap ring on the spline inside the differential, so it just pops right out, and hopefully right back in if the part is correct.

When did you notice the growling sound? All the time, or just sometimes? Certain speeds only? Uphill, downhill? 4Hi, 4Lo, or "4x4 Auto"?

I ask because mine makes a moderately loud growling sound in the front end when I'm in 4x4. Mostly in 4Lo when going downhill. Any little bit of turn in the steering will make it complain. But when I put it back in 4Auto, it's gone. It's weird because the CVs are still engaged in 4Auto, it's only disengaged back at the transfer case.

Also, approximately how much did the new axle cost?

When it first started, it would sound different in auto than in 4x4 high (I never use low). More recently it was just constant and getting louder all the time. With the front end up on jackstands, I laid right under the axle and turned it by hand by holding the big part of the inner cv joint right at the differential. I could feel resistance at the same spot in the 360 degree rotation. It felt different than the minor crunchiness you feel out at the wheel hub when it is going bad.
The new on was about $90 plus core charge (I got a remanufactured piece).

Thanks. I'll keep an eye (ear) on mine and see if it starts acting up in normal driving. That's a lot less money than I would have expected.