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August 1, 2005
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'91EB, '86Sami, '85Ranger
It is with great regret that I find I must post here.

Awhile back we helped Cybergasm move his truck to another location as he was out of stae at the time. A few months later we were informed that the truck was set to be towed to the wreckers as an abandoned vehicle. Cyber asked if we might buy it from him to save the truck. We agreed and were told other than a back tag issue it was free and clear. We moved the truck home and waited for the title from Cyber. Once we had the title I went to have it transfered into our name. NO GO!!! there was a State lien on the truck and it could not be transfered or reg until all fines were paid in cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We contacted Cyber and questioned him, he claimed to know nothing about writing a bad check for the tags! I explained to him that the bad check charges are not my responsibility and when could he send the funds to get the truck out of hock. I already knew about the back tags fees but $256 for a bad check that I didn't write on top of those back tag fees? Cyber promised to send the funds so I could reg. the ruck. I waited. And waited. And waited.
Listening to him in chat talking about all the cool things he just bought his girlfriend. The back fines kept mounting and I was being ignored, I finially paid all the fees to keep them from hitting the $600 mark.

Long story short Cybergasm lied on so many levels and refused to pay money that he owed, forcing me to pay it or lose all that I had put into Mr Mud.

I'll have to add to this one too.. Let him borrow money when he was stuck in TN or somewhere after his old truck broke down.. Haven't seen a dime..