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d@mn autolockouts


April 12, 2005
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92 2door 4x4 Navaho
has anyone made their auto lockouts full time - I will be dissasembling a couple broken ones and looking to see what it would take to make them full time (no unlocking mechanisms)

can anyone supply an exploded view of a autolocking hub? (not a broken view lol)

if all else fails - I have thought of making a steel plate - splined to lock the axle to the drive flange (custom machine work)

anyone been down this path before me ? :confused: :confused:

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You want to permanantly lock the hubs so that it's always in 4WD? You can't do that, it will tear up the linkage in the front end when you're turning on hard surfaces.

you could put on a set of lockout warn makes lockout for the ttb fronts and have been a featured product in ORA magazine this should solve the problem

You will definately put more ware and tear on your front end, not to mention, your already crappy gas milage will get worse. I would be surprised if those hubs would stand up to the abuse too, they are not exactly what you would call tough. Get a set of Warn mauals. I found a set in the junkyard for 50 bucks :D I have a complete spare kit for the front now.

it would still only be 4wheel drive when the transfer case was engaged :p this is my "toy" and bad weather winter vehicle. as for gas mileage - it's better than my loaded 2004 f150!

get the manaul hubs and call it a day.

And no you are not the first to mess with fixing or modifying the auto hubs, but they are still a weak design IMO
manual hubs = peace of mind, bolt on, very strong

You're right, it won't be in four wheel drive if the transfer case isn't engaged...But it will still be turning your front differential and adding to the wear. I agree with everyone else, go manual.

Keep the auto hubs and find a junkyard that has a lot of explorers. Visit it on a regular basis and see what come up. Those hubs are crap and you are messing with a part that already is known for failure and you want it to be constant duty. Either that or get you a few spare sets and keep some in the truck :confused:

what I really want is a steel splined plate that slides over the studs like the lockout but just has splines for the axle and is a solid piece.

the awd Explorers are always "locked in", turning the parts with no stress is one thing - asking them to do work is another.

I have spares (autos) I frequent the local yards for extras - still dont have to like it though, do I? ;)

Buddy save your time and Money. The AWD are AWD yours is not, apples and oranges. Please take the advise and get Manual hubs. I am not saying it can not be done i am saying doing so WILL tear up your front end.

Ahh, we got another stubborn one here.

Bro listen to what these guys are telling you. Get manuals and forget about. You don't have a AWD! You don't want your axles turning in front. I dont' think were suppose to evern drive over 50mph with manuals locked.


I have driven for weeks at a time at all speeds with my manual hubs locked and the transfer case in 2wd
When it snows here in CO it will melt in the afternoon then snow again, repeat. It is not uncommon to leave them locked for weeks at a time.

HOWEVER I would NOT want to have them locked full time and here's why:

Sometimes when 4x4ing I want to have one hub locked only at a time, in certain situations it can get you through

the hub is the fuse that blows before something else in the front end implodes, by making it a solid connection you are going to make the u joints and axle shafts your new fuse, not good

the front axles turning all the time put more strain on your spindle bearings, u joints, axle shafts, etc also they eat up gas mileage.

So up to you, but with manual hubs being available at the junk yard for next to nothing or the Warn kit being pretty cheap I would just convert and call it done.

410, whats the fastest you will drive with the hubs locked?

75-80, seriously no issues, been driving the BII for years in CO winters
remember my TTB I built and I maintain it OFTEN, meaning no worn parts, lubed, torqued and aligned

Charlie's_93EB said:
i think you can have the hubs locked in, but not be in 4 hi over 40 it what i thought it may be 50 i dunno?

Could be right? For some reason I remember no faster than 45 with auto and 50 with manual but according to 410 we can much faster.

thats in 4x4
you can feel it in the floor when the hubs are locked, in my truck it is very smooth

I dont think you are supossed to go over 45 in 4x4 hi, but I have been doing it in my BII for years, highway speeds in 4x4 hi no issues (wet /snowy/ icy roads)

yeah a lil stubborn here...

manuals in the salvage yard are nonexitstant here

I am on the look out though....

and like I posted before I dont drive it everyday or everywhere. it isnt my daily!

untill the lockers having one lockout on and one off wont do much good other than make me 2 wheel drive again.

:) thanks for all the input I really do appreciate it

AWD explorers use CVs your truck uses U-joints. On the the other hand I have been the guinea pig a few times here for different mods so go with yur gut and report it back here. Maybe we get a good laugh, or maybe we sit back and scratch our heads. :confused:

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dissasembled an old pair of autolockers that had the "clickty click" disease.

ill post up pics tonight when I get home but the wear patter shows a VERY small amount of engagement I am welding the pieces together and reinstalling them without springs. the click click of a "bad" lockout is the splines rounding off from engaging/disengaging constantly (normal for spring loaded lockouts when they load /unload)

I will be doubling the normal contact area just by welding them together fully engaged!

the next weak link should be the outer lockout housing (aluminum) I bel;ieve this is the weak link in manual hubs as well.

PS BII loclouts DO NOT work on explorers - the axle splines are very different :( I have some now and cant use em