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D28 / D35 anti sway bar


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October 24, 2009
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Irwin (Near Pittsburgh) PA
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97 X, 89 Bronco II
1989 B2, D28 to D35 swap. Can someone tell me if I can use the D28 sway bar or do I need to use the sway bar from the D35. I noticed that the end link (I'm hoping that I'm calling it the right thing) on the D28 is shorter than the ones on the D35. I was going the use the D28 sway bar and the end links from the D35. Does anyone know anything about this. As always Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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id prob use the longer ones, and make disconnects lol

cant use the d35 ones from exploder - they are too far out towards the tire

Thanks Shawn. How about the end links should I use the ones from the Exploder or the shorter ones from the B2?


when I did the D35 swap I used the Ex sway bar due to being a larger dia. and then used Energy Suspension sway bar mounts.
I no longer run a IFS so I'm relying on my fading memory of this. I made up my own drop down disco links and just positioned them on one side or the other of the sway bar to line up with the brackets on the axle. Never had any issues with the tires.

Very nice Rookieshooter. Shawn very good reference picture. Are you sure that those are B2 end links they look kinda long. I guess it might be hard to tell from the picture.

the picture is with the explorer links on

Okay, I got my trusty Harbor Freight calipers out and both the B2 and Exploder sway bars are 1" in diameter. The end link from the B2 is 4.5" center hole to center hole. The end link for the Exploder is 6" center to center but here's the thing. The end link from the Exploder is straight the end link for the B2 has got a little dog leg in it. I'm not going to be doing any serious off road stuff. I will hang the D35 and go from there if I need the straight end links I'll use those or if I have to use the Exploder sway bar so be it. I wanted to use the B2 sway bar cause it looks like new and the one from the donor Exploder is rusty. Figures, the B2 is from the south and the donor is from PA. When I buy a used car I make the trip from PA to the southern states... its worth the added expense of gas towing etc. You guys from the southern states can't believe the rust we get here. The only way to keep your car from rusting if you live north is to take it off the road the first snow when they start spreading the salt and keep it off road until the spring and it has rained a few times to wash the salt off the road. Thank for the help I think I'll wait until I hang the D35 to see about the sway bar. It's ready for the 4.0 I'll attach a couple of pictures.

hmmm, wonder why my pictures didn't upload. try again. My file size was okay the dimension are out of their spec. Gotta re-size.


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yeah that would mean that these links on mine are off the 92 explorer sport that I parted.
I ran these links to get the angles better with my 6" lift. if your not lifted I would run the stock links.
also in my same thread I talk about how I made my lower bolts removable so that they could become quick disconnects.
The sway bar mounts do rattle because of not being bolted in.

S.A.S. thats all Im sayin

I hear you Janderson

James Duff now has the trackbar mount $145 for the D44 SAS install along with the coil buckets $100
hmm just found a 1979 bronco for $500 that used to run. - tires are decent
or sell the bronco for :mad::D $3K and buy a built explorer for $3500

goll durn thats purdy