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D3 in a 98 Explorer Sport


January 24, 2010
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Bohemia, NY
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1998 Explorer 2dr
I'm going to be putting my AVIC D3 in my explorer soon and after searching around the site im confused. First of all, I'm pretty sure I have the premium system without the sub. Now, I read about some amp in the rear of the truck giving some trouble. I'm looking to just install my HU with no aftermarket amp. There will only be an aftermarket amp fr my sub if I decide to install it. If I bypass the stock amp, won't the speakers have less power since only the HU is powering them? Or is it better to bypass the factory amp? Thanks!

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just buy the wiring harness addapter and hook it up that way. and you will be hooked into the stock amp if you have one. there is no reason why it shouldnt work just like any other instal. here is my d3


nope. it plugs right in. good luck and if you have any problems then let me know as i am always on my comp. also i dont know what it looks like under your dash but with all the wires in there its hard to route them to make the head unit fit. it was like mine just fit perfect.

also do the bypass while its out(unless you did this already)

1. pop out the mute wire and put it right under where it was on the harness(yellow wire on the harness with all the av inputs)
2. ater 1 is done, then ground the wire
3 ground the green parking break wire
your all done.

also just ground them to the black ground wire on the harness so your not trying to find something under the dash

Thanks alot for the info. I already did the bypass mod because i had the D3 in my GLI. Now I'm wondering, can i use my faceplate and cage from my GLI for the ford?

im going to say no on that. every car is different, i just went to best buy and it cost me 16 bucks for mine and it was a direct fit.

Anyone know if this would fit in a Gen 2??