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D35 SLA Axle Shaft Seals and Bearing


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September 27, 2002
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'97 Explorer XLT AWD 5.0L
anybody have seal and bearing part #'s?
I'm not having any luck finding any part numbers for the front axle shaft bearings. I found an exploded parts list, and it only shows an axle shaft bearing on the dri. side. Is this correct?
It also didn't list a seal on the pass. side. My truck's leaking lube out of the pass. side axle tube, so I know there's a seal.

Anybody have those part #'s handy?

er actually... I did find something, but not sure if it's correct.

Front Wheel Brng; Front Axle, 4WD ; Dana/Spicer 35IFS Axle ; Opt Kit Incls, Brg B2110,; Seals 722108 & 722109, & Ring2 Per Veh; Years: 1996-1997;Qty Per Vehicle:2;

wouldn't the axle shaft bearings be different between pass. and dri. side?

edit: ok, so that part is incorrect. For some reason, it's listed as working for 91-97... so they just don't know what their talking about. That's for the TTB.

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fullsize's here:
Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

found this, courtesy of Rockford Standard Gear, Inc

edit: ok, so I can't host any of the fullsize pics here apparently.... all my pics got auto-resized to 424x600 :(

ok so I've done a ton of looking around to try and find all the Timken part numbers. Been a bit of a pain, but I've found EVERYTHING except for just ONE bearing that Timken doesn't seem to make a replacement for.

Front Hub Assembly - Timken SP450200
Rear Axle:
  • Seal - Timken 8835S
  • Bearing - Timken 6408
  • Bearing Kit (Repair Bearing/Axle Saver; Replaced OE bearing and seal) - Timken TRP1559TV
Driver's Side Front Axle Shaft:
  • Seal (Viton) - Timken 710429 (OEM Spicer 46065)
  • Bearing - Timken 5707 (OEM Spicer 566121)
Passenger's Side Front Axle Shaft:
  • Seal (Viton) - Timken 710428 (OEM Spicer 46066)
  • Bearing - Timken/Torrington B-268 (S268) (OEM Spicer 566063)

Front Axle Output Shaft Seal (oil slinger between axle shaft and hub assy) - Motorcraft BRS31 (these don't fit on mine?!)

If anybody could find the last part number (from any manufacturer!) I'd be greatly appreciated!



well finally found the part# I was looking for.
and Timken does make it... or, well, Torrington, which is owned by Timken.
Strangely all my bearings in Timken boxes had Torrington engraved on 'em.

Hey Gavin (or anyone else) did you find an easy way to remove that front right bearing? It would be part 31 on the disconnect exploded view. I'm going to replace mine so I thought I'd ask so that I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheal. LOL

no, I never did.
either a blind-hole puller, or maybe a 2 or 3-hook puller

How did you get around the axle shaft assembly (part 33)?

the half-shaft clips onto the output shaft, which clips into the diff the same way as the dri. side (cir-clip).
When I removed my half-shaft, it was still connected onto the output shaft, so it came out as a single piece.

edit: of course, I have no clue what the real differences are in the output shaft between disconnect and non-disconnect axles (mine being non-disconnect)

There's the rub. Mine is disconnect. I'm probably going to have to drop the differential and open it up.

I wonder if I can get to clip 51 through the vacuum disconnect?