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d44 from bronco?

91'explorer 2wd

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March 5, 2001
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'92 XLT 4x4
i see every one using late bronco axles or truck axles. has anyone used the axles off a '75 bronco? it has a 9 inch in the back and d44 in the front. i have a friend willing to do the swap for me and show me the way. is this way expensive? the plan is to put donahoe coils under the front and make custom 8 inch lift and do the spring over in the back w/donahoe springs. and if done what problems should i run in2 if this truck is used for long drives like from tx to colorado.

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You got a friend willing to get you swapped and locked... DO IT!

from what i understand, that year has drum brakes. No biggie, just kind of annoying. I also believe that year is LOW Pinion, which makes the axle about as strong as what you already have. High pinion axles used as front axles are a supposed 30% stronger then their low pinion counterpart. But if you are lifting 6" that would be benifical to you, as far as clearence (are you running full widith? or plan on cutting down?) If you are lifting upward from 8" id go looking for a high pinion axle, simply because its stronger and you wont have any trouble clearing it.

Also the track bar and the steering are not cast to the knunckle like the 78-79 models, but your buddy should be able help you get that going

i dont know about everyone else (everyone says these things are hard to find?) but it probaby be easier to go with the later model axle. Around charlotte, there were TONS front axles from 78-79 F-150s and F-250s waiting to be removed from their original truck sitting in junk yards. didnt look for any broncos.

It sounds like a plan to me, id get it DONE. But im no expert, ive never done it. im just telling you what ive already researched.

Most guys here are going with the fullwidth because

1- Fullwidth works awesome on the trail, especially with the long wheelbase of an Explorer

2- Fullwidth is easier to find (one bajillion trucks made vs. a few EB's)

3- Fullwidth already has disc brakes on it

4- Fullwidth is high pinion vs. EB low pinion (doesnt really matter, its a D44 you're not going to break the ring and pinion. Shafts and ujoints are what's gonna break so low pinion vs. high pinion is really a moot point on a D44.

Its up to you really. If you want to keep it stock width the EB axles are a decent choice, but keep in mind the front needs discs and the EB shafts have the weak 260 ujoint. You can remedy both with junkyard parts or aftermarket if youve got the $$$.

I ran EB axles on my explorer for a year. I loved them. I'd still have them under there if I wouldn't have exploded the frontend due to poor gear install. Low pinion front isn't that bad. Chevy's, jeeps, dodges used them forever. Nothing wrong with using them.

kewl, but is this swap pretty expensive? i got it in the paint shop right now so that hurt my pocket lots. especially since it was crashed. the truck to tell u the truth will be street driven mostly, i just wanna fit 36's on it w/18 inch wheels. i should have this done by the time i get back from this deployment in december. or is it wiser to just get the custom lift done on the stock axle cause i'm not goin superlift no matter what. thanks

Well, depends on what you want in the axles. You could do the swap fairly inexpensive. Depends on how well you are at scrounging parts together. Why 18" wheels? You'll need 3.5" EB springs if you use the stock buckets with adequate trimming. You can also get the warrior products shackles and a 2 inch block with the stock springs sprung over in the rear to clear. Probably cost you around $350 to lift it. Then shocks, steering components.

DB_1 has a D44 out of an EB. Look him up to ask him some questions.